Jaime Paulo Mora

Prior to working in Citynet, Jaime Paulo Mora spent ten years working in a national local government association based in Manila, Philippines. He held various supervisory positions in both regular and foreign-assisted programs and projects that focused on urban development. Some of these include public procurement, disaster risk and resilience, local health development and localizing Millennium Development Goals/ Sustainable Development Goals. He graduated with a journalism degree at the University of Santo Tomas. Mr. Mora has a professional background in development communications, public advocacy, local governance, and urban sociology. In the Citynet, among other tasks, he manages the Citynet Services Program and provides membership services to Philippines and Fiji Citynet members.

Courses taught by Jaime Paulo Mora

Training on Smart Governance and Climate Change


The Urban and Regional Development Institute (URDi) based in Jakarta teamed up with CityNet to conduct online training sessions on Collaborative Smart Governance. This training course contains 6 modules that will give learners insights and tools on collaborative smart governance . . .

  • Free
  • Apr 01, 2024
  • 13 Weeks
  • 2022_Q2
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