Dr. Chrisna Trihadi Permana

University of Sebelas Maret | URDI Associate


Urban Planner and lecturer from the University of Sebelas Maret, Indonesia.

Mr. Pemana has extensive experiences on in urban planning and infrastructure, focused on sustainable-oriented innovation and green transport infrastructure projects both at national and international level.

He is currently a visiting scholar at the Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool, as well as research associate at the School of Environmental Science, Universitas Indonesia, School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development, Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Courses taught by Dr. Chrisna Trihadi Permana

Training on Smart Governance and Climate Change


The Urban and Regional Development Institute (URDi) based in Jakarta teamed up with CityNet to conduct online training sessions on Collaborative Smart Governance. This training course contains 6 modules that will give learners insights and tools on collaborative smart governance . . .

  • Free
  • Jul 01, 2024
  • 13 Weeks
  • 2022_Q2
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