Michaelangelo Severa

Michaelangelo Romanes Severa, a licensed environmental planner in the Philippines, serves as the Local Government Operations Officer 6 at the Department of the Interior and Local Government in the Philippines, a role he has excelled in since October 2011. His professional focus encompasses urban planning and policy implementation, with a special emphasis on community development, disaster mitigation, and strategic urban planning. Severa’s significant contributions have been crucial in advancing local governance systems and promoting sustainable urban development programs, establishing him as an influential figure in the Philippine urban policy landscape.

In the academic sphere, Severa is currently engaged in a Master of Urban and Regional Development at the International School of Urban Sciences, University of Seoul, South Korea, under the prestigious Korean Government Scholarship (KOICA – CIAT). This pursuit is an extension of his previous academic accomplishments, including a Master in Development Management with honors from the Development Academy of the Philippines. His re-entry project at the Development Academy, titled ‘The “Saloobin ng mga Mamamayan” (Sentiments of the Citizen): Establishing Citizen Feedback Mechanism for Village Governance’, not only showcases his commitment to grassroots participatory governance but was also recognized with the Best Citizen-Centric Award by the Development Academy of the Philippines during his graduation in 2018. Severa also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, cum laude, from Adamson University. His current thesis at the University of Seoul, investigating the impact of street network density on urban competitiveness in Philippine cities and municipalities, contributes a global perspective to urban development discussions.

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