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Many cities are formulating and implementing innovative policy, projects, and other initiatives to achieve sustainable growth and development. New approaches to urban sustainability, proven strategies and best practices should be fostered and promoted across the region.

Are you a city official seeking advice on how to localize sustainable urban practices in your city? 

Do you want to make more progress in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?

Your peers in other cities in the region can help you. They are here. Ready to help.

Learning best practices in a bite-sized format

Major learners, city officials and stakeholders, can explore other countries’ best practices in depth, easily, and visually by themes, form various networks through discussion, and help organize plans to reflect them in their own countries.

Bite-sized Learning

Take courses at your own pace with brief video lectures that are focused on practical implementation of best practices.

Learn Through Discussion

Ditch jargon-filled, academic style lectures and engage in free discussion with the implementing officers of best practices to learn practical replication and localization strategies.

Asia-Centric City Solutions

Our courses are designed to address problems of the fast urbanizing cities of Asia, including climate change, disaster, resource management, transportation, housing & more.

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Certifications from course creators will be just what you need to empower you to localize sustainable practices and receive well-deserved recognition.

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As a non-profit venture, the Urban SDG Knowledge Platform online courses are a way for city planners to learn about best practices, free from stress, discomfort, and expense!

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